Little jars co

We began our lives together through travel. At each destination, we collected a new spice, which went into a personalised jar. Over the years, our collection of little jars has grown and grown. Every time we close our eyes and open a lid, we are filled with fragrant memories of beautiful stories, travel & food.....the name Little Jars Co just seemed so right.




Hello friends! My name is LA and I'm a trained chef specialising in plant-based food. I love cooking and educating and have over ten years experience delivering nutrition and cooking classes across the world, from Africa, to North America, to Europe. I'm based in Glasgow, Scotland - get in touch if you visit to say hello. I travel to clients around the world to offer catering and events, and can design specialised curriculum for number of people!

I'm currently completing my Master Seal in raw and vegan foods at Matthew Kenney Culinary School. I also have a BSc focussing on Nutrition and Health, and a Masters in Education and International Development. All the photographs on the site are my own (unless otherwise stated), and I really enjoy telling stories through food and travel writing. Little Jars Co is a labour of love, I hope you enjoy it. Please contact me on info@littlejars.com