Beetroot Ravioli

Beetroot Ravioli

This is one of the first recipes I made in culinary school. It showed me how easy it can be to mix together fresh flavours, and let vegetables sing. With this recipe, the beetroot certainly sings!

This is a dish made as part of the Matthew Kenney Cuisine Academy: Level I - Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine. For copyright purposes I cannot share the recipe, but I will share the photos and main ingredients here.


Marinated beetroot • cashew cheese filling with fresh green onions and parsley • yellow pepper and pine nut purée • topped with grated macadamia and microgreens.

The interesting parts of this dish were learning how to thinly slice beetroot and marinate it with salt and olive oil, to tenderise it and remove some of the earthy flavour. We used a traditional flavouring for the cashew cheese, learning about the importance of soaking nuts before use. The yellow pepper puree was strained using a chinois, and we learned the splattering technique seen here. The technique of grating a macadamia nut to look like parmesan cheese was also brilliant. Overall, this dish was so much fun to prepare!