Germany - Berlin Tempelholf Park

Berlin Tempelholf - how a disused airport stole the heart of Berliners

If I could move anywhere, it would be Berlin. Ok, and maybe Cape Town to avoid the Berlin winters. (What can I say, I’m a heat monster). Even then, I still think I would be perfectly happy.

If you are in Berlin (especially in the warmer seasons) you should definitely head south in the city to visit Tempelhof Park. A former airport and US military base - this 300 hectare space was turned into a public park two years after its closure in 2008. And oh how the Berliners love it.

Rumour has it the area was originally considered for development, but the city ended up agreeing to make it a park. This place is a kite surfers paradise - the long runway is still in tact, perfect for kilometres of walking, biking and surfing.

There are coffee bars, green hills, and a beautiful area with community gardens, open to all. We sat and had a beer in these gardens, looking out at the flat landscape, seeing Berlin’s buildings like a painting around the perimeter of the park. And the airport is still there, although closed, leaving such a unique feel of old and new - of Nazi/cold war history meets urban rejuvenation.

We walked through the up-and-coming, but already über trendy neighbourhood of Neukölln, and then over to the park. We stayed laying in the sun, before exiting out the North exit and back of to Kreuzberg. It was a long walk, but a great day, very relaxing and we saw so many different parts of the city.

Definitely visit!