Chocolate Custard, Fresh Raspberries

This dish was so much fun to plate. And it's chocolate, with raspberries! Hurrah! Like many of us, I am obsessed with desserts. They come only second to breakfast (yes, I love ALL breakfast). But this chocolate custard is so full of good stuff that I'd happily eat it for breakfast too - the fresh fruit counts right?!

What's the different between a custard and a pudding? Such an interesting recipe, as it obviously depends where in the world you are. In the UK, 'pudding' can mean dinner/supper (then again, so can 'tea'). It's confusing, I know! In North America, I only ever think of instant 'Jello Pudding', and custard at Christmas with fruit cake. So in a way, this recipe is redefining custard, in a good way, as the malted flavour of this custard is delicious, and as you can see, far less wobbly, or jiggly, or whatever you say.....than a classic pudding. It remind me of my favourite malted chocolate shake by Angela at Oh She Glows (it's in her first cookbook, which is amazing by the way).

Note: This is a dish made as part of the Matthew Kenney Cuisine Academy: Level I - Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine. For copyright purposes I cannot share the exact recipe, but I will share the photos and main ingredients here.


avocado • cacao powder • cashew or hazelnut milk • agave • spices/flavourings

The assembly is as simple as it gets - blend and eat. I put mine in a squeeze bottle to make the beautiful plating, and topped with fresh raspberries, along with dehydrated ones. I also put some rose petals and fresh mint, as I was feeling fancy. Do whatever your heart tells you!