Germany - Berlin Markets

Berlin Flohmarkt Boxhagener platz

Something I love to do whenever I visit a city is to check out the local markets. Weekends are always the best for this - we go and check out the food, antiques, home wares, and other oddities on offer, grab some local delicacy, and people watch.

Berlin was a perfect place to do this. We spent Sunday wandering around the neighbourhood of Friedrichshain - including Flohmarkt Boxhagener platz, one of Berlin's most popular flea markets. This market was beautiful, with the stalls neatly arranged along the perimeter of the perfect square, and a park area/fountain in the middle.

We bought fresh raspberries and they were so delicious I promptly ate the whole pint in one sitting. Plus local smoked fish, fresh sourdough bread and cheeses. We found delicious vegan chai lattes to go - Chailin. And we bought fresh spice mixes and chilis to take home.

What I loved most about this market is that it's not pretentious. There weren't crowds of people with their instagram sticks photographing ever last item - there were Berliners enjoying their weekend, buying local products and hanging out with friends and family.

Definitely drop by if you're in the area!

Flohmarkt Boxhagener platz, Berlin // 10245, Gabriel-Max-Straße 10, 10245 // Open Sundays from 10:00-18:00