Linzer Cookies, Raspberry Jam

This is an ode to the Linzertorte, traditionally made of rich buttery dough that is nut based, using almonds, with strong hints of lemon zest, and cinnamon. These cookies utilize almond, macadamia and coconut as the flour base for the same crunchy consistency.

This is a dish made as part of the Matthew Kenney Cuisine Academy: Level II - Advanced Raw Cuisine. For copyright purposes I cannot share the recipe, but I will share the photos and main ingredients here.


berry jam • almond flour • macadamia • coconut flour • coconut oil • spices

The jam is made with berries of your choice, and dates, along with vanilla and lemon juice. Blackcurrants were traditional, but raspberries have become popular in the USA. So many good options here, so get creative - rhubarb and gooseberry, blueberries, strawberry! You blend, reduce slightly and then use as the filling.

The cookie dough incorporates flour from almond meal (not flour), macadamia nuts and coconut. There is a lot of lemon juice and zest to bring out the flavour, plus some sweetener. The dough is frozen until set, then rolled. You use your choice of cookie cutter, making cookies bases and matching tops. Fill with jam, top with fresh berries, and voila!