New Style Miso Soup

Why is this called new style? Because it Matthew Kenney's creative take on miso, with tomatoes, avocado and macadamia! This is light and so refreshing, innovation is a great thing!

This is a dish made as part of the Matthew Kenney Cuisine Academy: Level I - Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine. For copyright purposes I cannot share the recipe, but I will share the photos and main ingredients here.


miso broth (vegetable stock, tamari and coconut oil) • avocado • tomato • seaweed

Here we learned to make vegetable stock as a key basic recipe for later use - it is reduced slightly in the dehydrator before becoming an integral part of the miso broth. The tomatoes and avocado added mimic tofu and are refreshing to eat with the fresh cilantro. The added seaweed keeps the dish authentic. Topped with macadamia and pine nuts for a crunchy garnish.