Welcome to Home Appétit

by Head Chef: Eugenie Nyirambonigaba

Eugenie is founder of Home Appétit, and is Rwanda's premier female chef specializing in home catering for events and families. With a professional chef certification, Eugenie has over ten years of experience working in Kigali for Rwandese and expat families. Eugenie's passion for food is evident in everything she prepares, and her team's excellent customer service skills have led to high praise from clients. Read more about Chef Eugenie's incredible journey to become Rwanda's top female Chef. Or, see recent magazine articles here and here featuring Eugenie and Home Appétit.

Services Offered

  • Cooking classes
  • Private Chef Services
  • Dinner Parties & Events
  • Arrange your weekly shop
  • Food Preparation
  • Whole Foods Diets
  • Corporate Affairs and Catering

How it works

All clients receive an in-home visit from Eugenie to discuss their needs. Depending on the service, Home Appétit charges and hourly rate, or a long-term rate. Simply contact Eugenie and receive your first visit.

> Download a sample menu to see what Home Appétit can offer

Contact Information

Phone: +250 785 094 803 or +250 725 974 079

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/homeappetitkigali

Instagram: https://instagram.com/homeappetitkigali/